Bushido Code Lore

 Gi is a Zara Clan warrior of great renown. He is celebrated for his dedication to the path of integrity and as a fierce combatant. When Gi's village was destroyed and his clansmen slain, he became  obsessed with revenge. Using the abilities he honed as a warrior he tracks down his village attackers; seeking to "punch" through their defenses and reclaim the integrity of his people.
Yuuki the Courageous, a legendary warrior of Bushido. As a royal in the Asatsuka Clan she had to earn a reputation as wild and savage warrior to gain respect from the Shogun. With a spirited peachy side and a sour edge, she is not afraid to a step into the unknown, even in the face of formidable chaos.
Chuugi and Rei of the Shinobu clan; true mates linked at birth, born under the same violet moon. They’re a blend of wild and sweet, fierce and loyal protectors of their territory. Together they are the strongest of their clan; known and feared throughout the land. The loyalty and respect they have for one another will endure until their last breath, and echo as legends of the clan for all the generations to come.